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Purchase P-Force medication to avoid spoiling your sex

Perhaps sex is the most sincere and emotional act that can take place between partners. However, if you neglect a few completely simple things such as P-Force, over time, you can distance yourself from each other. If you are interested in maintaining emotional intimacy with your partner, it is enough to follow some advice. Here are the five most common mistakes after sex.

Don’t fall asleep just behind the finish line

Sex is exhausting; no one will argue. However, as with the fact that often after sex, you shouldn’t just sit back on a pillow and instantly fall asleep. Of course, Super P-Force is entirely allowable, but it is so pleasant when you lie next to a loved one and quietly purr in his ear some nonsense. Don’t ignore the affection after sex.

Don’t break down and run to the shower

Eh, the guardians of purity… They immediately after sex run into the shower – because, in their opinion, hugging a sweaty person is not very pleasant. And here lies the error. When you are both in a relaxed state, which came through a violent and mutually pleasant act of love, to buy P-Force pills and snuggle up to your favorite sweaty body is very nice. Catch your breath, kiss, tell each other something tender. Eventually, go to the shower with your partner.

Don’t pick up your phone unless it’s absolutely necessary

Do not check social networks after sex, and respond to text messages. There is no tougher action towards your partner. After all, you demonstrate that all the events that took place in your bed 30 seconds ago, in fact, less important than a fresh selfie or post online.

Don’t leave your soulmate

Many couples prefer to sleep separately, explaining that in bed with another person, they feel uncomfortable. Try after sex not to run to different bedrooms, and fall asleep still together.

Don’t drag food to bed

Sex is exhausting, again here no one will argue. However, this does not mean that after it, you need to run to the refrigerator and try to make up for the calories spent immediately. If you are really hungry, the best thing about this situation is to lie down, catch your breath, pat each other, and then go to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner together.


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