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BSA Vappa’s LIFE as a “MESSAGE” to the Youth of Tomorrow


Believe Success Always – BSA, the Historical diary of Ramnad District – An open book Of Modern Era!

Alhaj ‘Marhoom’ B.S Abdur Rahman the “Brightest Pearl” in the Ocean of

wisdom is not with us today!

But he is with us today- in his absence through his word, deeds and action!

He carried the Message for the past, present and Future as B S A – believe

success Always!

He believed in what he did

He succeeded in all his deeds and made all failures to Successes!

He lived through the “Happiness” radiated in all his words, deeds and actions always!

He is an Embodiment of truth, Triumph and Tranquility –

He left his foot prints in the minds of Youth to carry the “message” to

lead their lives in the right path.

     A man of radiating energy throughout his life showed us the way to

face the life of challenges to “success” in all our worldly affairs.

Now I owe my Duas to Allah!

Ya Allah, Give us more strength to bear this the irreparable loss to the family

and to the society!

Ya Allah, accept our sincere Duas to secure him a place in Jannathul Firthouse,

forgiving all his sins of knowing and unknowing origin of his life

Ya Allah – we miss our beloved Mentor, the Godfather, the BSA Vappa, the Embodiment of women Empowerment, the torch bearer of Minority Women empowerment through Higher Education in Tamil Nadu and the Father of Minorities Higher Education in the 20th Century.

Ya Allah, Give us more Strength, Knowledge and Wisdom to

understand his ideologies in his absence,

Ya Allah! Give us the knowledge to understand to practice what he had taught us through his way of life – the compassion, the love, the patience, perseverance, Loyalty, honesty and truthfulness, Simplicity, the Humanness, the sympathy and the empathy in every single deed he executed both at Home and Society

                                    Last but not Least ,                      

 கடலின் அலைகள்; என்றும் ஓய்வதில்லை

          உங்கள் நினைவலைகள் எங்களின் நெஞ்சங்களில்

என்றென்றும் நிறைந்த அலைகளாய்

எங்கள் மனங்கள்.  என்றென்றும் இறைவனிடம்

உங்களுக்காக துவாச்செய்தவண்ணம்

இருக்கும் என்று கூறி பிரியும்



                                                                                                  S SUMAYAA……..

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