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The primary tool of the campaign among the youth is the Red Ribbon Club(RRC) it attempts to main stream HIV /AIDS prevention, mitigation, stigma reduction care and treatment among the youth in higher education institutions. The programme also train the student volunteers to act as peer educators to further spread the message on the campus and outside. The club facilitates testing and referrals for students after counseling. It is initiated and supported by the Tamil Nadu State AIDS control society (TANSACS) and in plemeuted through multi sectoral collaboration. It unites the people in the common fight against this disease.



HIV infection accounts for a large proportion of infected person among young people .The young in the prime of youth under go a rapidly cleaning body structure with different believers and values about morality and sex.

Hence this Red Ribbon Club (RRC) programme has been launched in our institution on 28.20.2005 . It is a comprehensive education intervention to prevent HIV/AIDS.


  1. On 18.3.2011, Dr. Jasmine attended a one day workshop on “Celebrating life” jointly organized by Red Ribbon Club, Alagappa University and TANSACS, Chennai
  2. On 19.7.2011, Awareness film on HIV AIDs was shown to all the students and staff members.
  3. On 29.7.2011, 100 students were enrolled to serve as members in this club.
  4. On 7.9.2011, received guidelines of the activities from the RRC coordinator.
  5. On 18.1.2011, Audio Visual Educational Charity screened anAids Awareness Film “uyerin uyirae” for 1084 students.
  6. On 17.10.2011 membership training programme was conducted for 100 volunteers under the presidenship of Dr.Sumayaa principal.  Mr.JeyakumarDistrict manager Mr.Murugesan District supervisor and Mr.Pandian positive network served as the resource person for the workshop.
  7. AIDS  awareness week was organized from 20-12-2011 to 26-12-2011.on 26-12-2011 Dr.Rahmathunisha  Abdur  Rahman  released the first copy of the magazine titled  “Blossom “ Issued by Red Ribbon Club
  8. On 25-1-12 “Voters awareness rally”was organized jointly by RRC and NSS .600 students and 20 faculty members participated


  1. RRC was installed on 9.9.2008 and 50 students from I UG were enrolled as members to serve in this club.
  2.  Father S. Aruldass, Secretary & Treasurer Sivagangai Multipurpose Social Service Society, Paramakudi was the resource person for this meeting.
  3. Mrs. Sundari Raju Project Co-ordinator of Disaster Management Created awareness on HIV / AIDS.
  4. On 17-09-2008 Dr. A. Jasmine attended the planning committee meeting at Alagappa University Karaikudi which was held under the leadership of Dr.Gurumoorthy, Dean College Development Council, Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
  5. Students were sensitized by power point presentation. Video cassettes were shown regarding HIV / AIDS.
  6. On 6-01-2009 a one day workshop was conducted for the first year UG students.
  7.  Mr. V Sekar District Co – ordinator was the resource person for the meeting.
  8. 10 hour module programme was completed.
  9. 50 UG students from various disciplines participated.
  10. Ms. Arthi I B.A English  and Ms. Meenakshi of II B.Com participated in the three days training  programme on “celebrating life” from 28 -03 2009 to 30-03-2009 at Christuraj College Trichy.
  11. Caption writing competition was conducted on 13-04-2009 on the Topic “Prevention of HIV / AIDS among the youth” and Ms. Arifa II MA English won the First Place.



  1. On 27.1.2009 Dr.Jasmine attended the District AIDS advisory committee meeting at collector’s chamber collectorate under the chairmanship of the District Collector
  2. On 28.1.2009 stand up compaign against stigma and Discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS was observed at our college campus.1300 students and 121 staff members participated.
  3. On 28.3.2009 , Ms.Aarthi II B.AEnglish and Ms.Meenakshi II B.com  participated in the regional level convention for  RRC peer leaders at christuraj college of Arts and  science  Thiruchirappalli  which was organized by TANSACS Chennai & Bharathithasan University, Thiruchirappalli.
  4. On 21-07-2009 100 volunteers from various disciplines were enrolled as members  to serve in this club.
  5. On 22.10.2009 RRC programme officer attended the AIDS advisory committee meeting at collector’s chamber.
  6. Sensitization was given for 100 UG students through video cassettes.
  7. On 18.12.2009 orientation was given for 100 students by Mr.Sekar, Field Manager, Ramanathapuram district.
  8. Meeting was held on  05.01.10 and  06.01.10  for UG students  100 volunteers participated. Mr.Sekar, Field Manager,Ramanathapuram district and Mrs.Shanthi councilor, uchipuli was the resource person for the meeting .2 HIV affected person interacted with the students.
  9. On 9.1.2010, 25 students along with RRC programme officers  visited ICTC/Blood bank/ART centre at Government Hospital, Ramanathapuram.
  10. On 10.01.2010,25 volunteers along with RRC programme officer Dr.Vasuki  and  Dr.Jasmine visited  ICTC/Blood Bank/ART Centre. Community centre at Government Hospital, Ramanathapuram. Dr.Chandra Mouli explained the concept and  remedial measures to overcome HIV/AIDS.
  11. On 28.01.2010, 25 students attended the “Rally” at Ramanathapuram.under the leadership of Mr.Hariharan, District Collector,Ramanathapuram,and on the same day meeting was conducted at ‘Valampuri Mahal’ and preventive measures to  overcome HIV/AIDS were discussed .9 colleges in Ramanathapuram District, participated in the Rally.
  12. Dr.Jasmine attended the review committee meeting at the Ramanapuram district collectorate on 25.02.2010, to discuss the preventive methods on AIDS
  13. On 12.03.2010. Blood donation camp was conducted under the leadership of Dr.sumayaa Dawood, principal & Dr.Stephen, BloodBank Medical Officer Ramanathapuram,30students donated  blood.
  14. On 20.03.2010, 214 RRC volunteers along with 5 staff, members visited “Red ribbon express” at Rameswaram.



  1. On 12/7/2010 Dr. Sumayaa Principal and Dr.Jasmine RRC programme officer,attended the meeting at the collectorate presided by Mr.Hariharan,collector of Ramanathapuram District,to discuss,about the first state level carnival for youth which will be held in Chennai.
  2. On 28/7/2010 18 students participated in the first state level youth carnival of TANSACS which was held at Alagappa University, Karaikudi, and 10 students won the third place in street theatre competition.


  • III B.Com.,

  • IIIB.Com.,

  • III B.Com.,

  • III B.A(English)

  • III B.A(English)

  • III B.Sc(Microbiology)

  • III B.Sc(IT)

  • III B.Sc(IT)

  • III B.Sc(Microbiology)

  • III B.Com.(CA).


  •  On 29/7/2010 Dr.Sumayaa Principal offered special address in  the District level Youth Sports carnival opening ceremony at Seethakathi stadium,Ramanathapuram.
  •  On 30/7/2010 students participated in the District level Youth sports competition and Ms.P.Pavithra III B.Sc(IT) won the first place in Discuss and Ms.Panchavarnam II B.A(English) won the first place in running and both were eligible to participate at the first state level Youth carnival which was held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai.
  •  On 11/8/2010  our college donated one bus to participate in the youth carnival at Chennai.
  • On 12/8/2010 Ms.Pavithra III B.Sc (IT) and Ms.Panchavarnam II B.A (English) participated in the first state level youth carnival at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai.
  •  On 23/8/2010 received D.D for Rs.2500/ only towards Red Ribbon Club Activities Grant for the year 2010-2011, and the guidelines from TANSACS, Chennai.
  • On 1/12/2010 ”World AIDS Day” was observed. 1500 students and 100 staff members undertook the Oath.100 students participated in the Rally under the leadership of Dr.Sumayaa principal of our college.
  •  On 8/12/2010/ award was given for the achievements of RRC volunteers under the presidentship of Mr.Hariharan collector of Ramanathapuram District.
  •  On 29/12/2010 and 30/12/2010 a two day “HIV/AIDS awareness Exhibition” was organised jointly by Red Ribbon Club and NSS units under the presidentship of Dr.Rahmathunisha Abdul Rahman ,Correspondent and Mrs. Regina Papa, former Director of women Studies, Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Dr.Sumayaa Principal, Mr.U.Sekar, Red Ribbon Club District Manager, Mr.Murugesan ,District Supervisor, Lady Councillors, AIRT Staff Members, and Students from other Colleges Participated in the Exhibition.More than 200 Charts were displayed and the best Posters were awarded.Dr. Rahmathunisha Abdul Rahman, Correspondent,Dr.Sumayaa Principal,Mr.U.Sekar, RRC District Manager Served as the Judges for the Competition.
  • On 8/3/2011 Dr.Jasmine attended one day Workshop on “Celebrating Life” jointly organised by Red Ribbon Club, Alagappa University and TANSACS Chennai.

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